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The Perfectionist Downfall

The Perfectionist Downfall

The title perfectionist is often worn like a badge of honour but does it really have place in the modern day?


I used to be a perfectionist and a pretty bad one, so much so you could nearly diagnose me with OCD.


After serving with the Parachute Regiment you become a pretty rigid individual when it comes to getting things “perfect”


The problem outside of military is that by being “perfect” you waste so much time simply doing stuff which isn’t really helping you towards your “true” end goal.


You know what I mean. You sit at your desk ready to have the most productive two hours of your week to only find, two hours later that you’ve simply rearranged your home page to be a little neater.


This of course applies to the gym too. You want to get in shape but you won’t start, well not until;


You’ve raided the last of the “bad food” in the fridge

Got yourself some new, comfy, workout clothes

Have researched the perfect supplements to take, before, during and after training

Have found an the best workout routine of all time

And have finally got all your healthy food, recipes and snacks planned for the week


Think about this logically…

all you needed to do was eat less biscuits whilst at your work desk, and go to the gym and do something for 30 minutes.


Steve Jobs once famously said;

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards”


This means you need to start now and then adjust as you go.


It’s the a new decade, a new year, a new week and a new day.


Each time we wake up it’s an opportunity to take action and start connecting our dots.


Next time you’re at work, your desk or the gym decide to take an action, any action because only then will you be able to figure it out.


Sam “action taker” Cleaver

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