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In the short time I’ve been with Sam he’s shown me a completely different way of training. I spent years loading the plates on the bar and just pushing it up.  Sam has taught me the correct positioning and timing along with the correct approach to training!

Sam’s sessions are fun but he’ll make you work hard too!! I have been known to swear a few times at him!

Sam explains the reasons behind what he does, he has a great knowledge of the science and mechanics of the body. He listens to what your goals are and every session updates you on current progress changing the plan if needed.

I’m seeing results already!!

I thoroughly recommend Sam as a PT. He’ll get you where you want to be!!

Simon Waite

Stoic Performance is a great way to get fit and maintain a healthy diet, the quality of service by Sam Cleaver (stoic performance) is above and beyond expected, the training programs which are created to the individual are perfect for all areas of training, always helpful with a lot of advice as well to help development from strength & conditioning to bodybuilding.

From where I started originally to the progression I have made with Sam Cleaver (Stoic Performance) it’s been fantastic for gaining weight and cutting fat percentage, I’m in better shape, healthier and the results keep coming and at a great pace. The quality as a whole there is nothing like it, Sam works amazingly hard to help you from nutrition to training, always giving great advice and very easy to get in contact with and communicate with.

The training programs, nutrition, quality of service are always to the highest standard and with great consistency, if you want to get fit, healthy and get in great shape to achieve your goals then go Stoic Performance as you can’t find any better quality of service or dedication from anyone else.

Thanks to Sam Cleaver (Stoic Performance) I’m on my way to achieving my goal of joining the Parachute regiment.

Calum Saunders

I’ve only just begun discussing my journey with Sam but I’m feeling very optimistic that I will be able to achieve the goal I am looking for in a way that suits me and at a pace I’m comfortable with. I’m excited to see what Sam has in store for me but I’m looking forward to him showing me things I’m not aware that I might be able to do and pushing me to show myself that I a capable of living a healthy lifestyle whilst I live my life enjoying the other things.

Abby Glazebrook, Your Content Goes Here

I started my training with Sam Cleaver about a year ago. Within a year I feel my body has changed to my desired look. I’ve been able to achieve this all in my own time with some nudging from Sam. Sam has helped push me to achieve things I never thought I could.

Chris Ludlow, Your Content Goes Here

I have had a keen interest in going to the gym for the last couple of years but had never felt I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted for the level of effort I was putting in during my gym sessions. I personally believe this was due to the lack of knowledge I had around training. Because of this I decided to get a personal trainer at my local gym. To date I have been having personal training sessions with Sam for the last 4 months. Sam’s sessions incorporate a mixture of free weights and use of machines which has meant my routines have always been varied and challenging. I initially had one PT session a week but quickly decided to invest in two sessions a week due to the rapid results I started seeing following the inputs from Sam. When I began my initial training, Sam took the time to understand the results I wanted to achieve and married these with the lifestyle that I lead. Sam set me realistic and achievable results from the onset and expressed the importance in regularly tracking my process. Throughout the few months I have worked with Sam he has taken the time to develop numerous work out programmes for me to work on outside my personal training sessions and supported me with any elements I didn’t understand in my regular PT sessions. Each new programme has stretched me to ensure my strength increases and my physique becomes more toned and defined. More recently Sam has taken the time to support me with the nutritional side of lifestyle, educating me on what foods are best to support my muscle growth as well as my muscle recovery. The combination of nutritional advice and exercise programmes as assisted me greatly in lowering my body fat percentage and improved the overall shape and definition of my body. Sam has completely revolutionised the way I work out and the lifestyle that I now lead. Sam is approachable, knowledgeable and committed to helping his clients achieve the results they desire. His level of knowledge along with the detailed inputs he gives during my sessions has assisted me so that I now have the knowledge I need on how to best train for my body type and given me the confidence to work out independently outside of his sessions.

Ash Harvy, Your Content Goes Here

I have been working with Sam properly since the start of December 2017. This was after seeking his advice about my technique at the gym. I soon realised that it was more than technique that needed to change in order for me to meet any of the goals I’ve had set over the many years I have been trying. Sam instantly knew what it was that could be preventing me from reaching the ideal goals I had set. This was a balance of my general outlook on life itself, nutrition, lifestyle, mood, and activity at the gym. I threw away the meal plans I had bought that brought me no joy, I deleted all the forever aloe cleanse sales people and the Herbalife sales people from my life and then listened. Sam has broken it all down for me into bite size chunks of information, he has considered and factored in my mood, my lifestyle and gym activity and set me up with a solid foundation to start working towards, it’s early days however already I am considering what I am eating, I am recognising why I’m eating the “bad” things that I do and quickly rectifying them. I have slowed down with the physical activity as it wasn’t matching the nutrition. Sam has assisted me to start again without being to hard on myself, he is supportive and there when I have slipped up with the gym, nutrition and more importantly stressful events in my personal life. I have regular check ins throughout the week which I’ve never had before from a PT (I’ve had many!) and he also actually cares about my journey and pays full attention to me when I attend my sessions which I haven’t experienced from a PT before. I have a long way ahead of me but I know that Sam will be on that journey with me to achieve the results I want to and remind me not to be too hard on myself which I often do. So far, so good!!! I can’t wait to achieve my goals.

Parisa, Your Content Goes Here