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Stoic Ladies Group PT

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We understand more than most that the gym can be a daunting place and for some having a personal trainer watching your every move could be even worse.

Stoic Ladies is group personal training for up to 4 women. This small group not only creates a much greater element of affordability but also opportunities to learn and bounce off one another without worrying if you look silly or are “doing it right”

The mission for our Stoic Ladies groups is to create strong, powerful, confident women in the gym. When we say strong we mean strong not muscular, those are two completely different things!

Each group will meet for training 2-3 times per week (depending on location) where you will be coached by a Stoic Performance trainer. This enables you to ensure you progress your health, fitness and figure/physique whilst still enjoying the finer things in life (yes that’s wine included and we’ll show you how)!

If you want to find out more about your local Stoic Ladies group then click the button below letting us know where you would prefer to train and we will send you more details on that group!

We look forward to meeting you and getting you well on your way, you’ll be strutting confidently through the gym in no time!

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