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Today I’m gonna be talking about GSD, and exactly what that means.

Alright it’s a funny concept, because it’s in a modern society where we’re all becoming a little bit soft, probably a little bit of snow flaky. Maybe that’s not politically correct enough, but what we know is that people are going a little bit soft compared to all the times gone by.

Now, what GSD means it stands for, Get Shit Done.

Simple as that.

The one thing which people sometimes do is they excuse themselves for various things.

They say things like, I’m a little bit busy today, can’t do that. Bit overwhelmed, can’t do that. Can’t go to the gym, because I’ve run out of time.

Something ridiculous and it’s like, sometimes you’ve just got to stop making excuses for yourself, and just be able to go right, I’m gonna GSD I’m gonna get shit done today. Because no one’s gonna come and save you, nobody’s coming to save you.

If you want to change something, you want to change your physique. You wanna change your health, you wanna change your life, in any facet, whether that’s business, health, relationships, anything, it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s coming to save you.

No one is going to get it done for you and getting shit done is the only way you can genuinely excel things.

So when it comes to changing your physique, you can wish and want that as much as you like, but you ain’t gonna get anywhere unless you take action and unless you actually commit to something.

And that’s where GSD comes in, Get Shit Done.

I can tell you from experience that I’ve been in, I’ve been various scenarios and various situations where things have been hard.

I’ve not wanted to do something. But I’ve had no choice. Well I have had another choice, I’ve had an option whether to not do it and just simply sit on my laurels and allow myself to not really progress anywhere, or I can actually say right well, I’m gonna GSD, am gonna get shit done.

And again that GSD concept is so ideal, it’s a nice little three letters, which can be kept in the back your mind for when you’re feeling as though, you’re going a little bit soft, just keep that GSD in your head and just GSD every single day, until you get to where you wanna be.

Again, action is the only answer and I’ll say that time and time again because we live in a time where there’s motivational memes everywhere.

There’s these no end of inspirational pictures and infographics, and whatever else. We have all the motivation in the world and one thing we do not have a lack of, is motivation.

There’s so many personal development books out there, personal development speakers, all sorts. Motivation isn’t the issue, action is.

That is the one thing we are missing in today’s society in terms of progressing health, physique, relationships, careers, everything, every single thing out there needs action.

So what I’ll say to you today is when you see something motivational when you read the post, when you see the speech where they even even listening to this now, when you see that or hear that, take that motivation and turn it into action, actually do something with it.

Because without the action, you will not get the results you want in any format, in any facet. Simple.

So, all I say is GSD get shit done.

What is the thing gonna be today for you that you’re gonna get shit done?

What is it you’re gonna commit to today?

There’s gonna be something today, I can promise you that, that is gonna come out and you’re like, ah, maybe not today. Maybe I’ll do tomorrow, maybe next week. Whatever.

What is that thing?

What that one thing is that you’re gonna get GSD on.

So yeah, any facet, whether it be personal development, relationships, business and careers, health, whatever it is GSD every single day, okay, GSD, GSD, GSD, we might even turn into a hash tag. #GSD

So from now on, when you do your thing, and you’re GSDing, hashtag me, hashtag GSD.

I’ll make sure I’m catching up on people on that one.

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