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Personal training is the highest standard of coaching that we offer at Stoic Performance.

As a personal training client you can expect all the support and coaching you need to achieve exactly what you want.

From the initial free consultation we will plan out a process for you so you know exactly what to expect and how long it will take you to achieve what you want, this is of course taking into consideration your start and finish point.

We’re a little different to what you probably expect from personal trainers. We take into consideration your lifestyle, your priorities and your time constraints.

We go above and beyond to support you along your journey. An example of this would be to find every common food outlet within 0.5 miles of your workplace and give you readily available food choices which won’t compromise your end goal. Again wherever you are we’re on your side.

You can expect the highest standard of training within the PT sessions, you will learn a heap from these too so that when your coaching does come to an end you have the knowledge to continue to progress! Educational resources are provided throughout to also help with this longevity.

You will have access to the Stoic Performance app where you can find all your training sessions with exercise video tutorials (so you don’t need to worry about remembering everything), you can also record all your data, weight, measurements, photos, everything. It is very much your hub to use how you please.

Finally we take into consideration your social circles, we get it, eating a tub of chicken salad whilst out with friends or family isn’t exactly sociable! We provide a recipe database with plenty of healthy meals for all the family and if it’s a meal out we will help you plan ahead if need be.

Stoic Performance personal training is the highest standard of coaching, if you want to enquire about working with us on a 1-1 basis then click the button below and tell us which location you would prefer to be coached at. If you’re still in doubt then go and check our testimonials page here.

If you can’t reach us in person then we also have online coaching options which are more affordable and don’t require us to meet face to face, you can see more of this here!

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