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Considerations for dieting

Considerations for dieting

We’re going to talk about dieting considerations and what exactly I mean by that?


Really the thing with dieting is that we know statistically speaking that 95% of people will fail a diet or regain all the weight back once they’ve completed the diet. So we know from a statistical standpoint that typical diets would fail.


Now the reason for this is because they often fall into a trap and sort of a routine, should we say, where somebody walks a tight rope, “a diet tight rope”. Fundamentally what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to lose body fat, they’re trying to lose weight, they’re trying to better their body composition.


However people walk a tight rope with dieting and it doesn’t really allow for much flexibility. It doesn’t really allow for many breaks, shall we say, and certainly doesn’t allow for life in general to play out freely.

We impose a lot of restriction. Maybe there’s an individual trying to help. Maybe the continuity from a certain diet has imposed lots of beliefs and a lot of routines that are simply unrealistic for most. As a result, we end up with somebody who’s walking this dieting tightrope, who simply can’t seem to lose weight without this rigid structure because they’re not being educated on anything surrounding lifestyle, diet and exercise.


As a result, then you have somebody who does fall off, and it inevitably becomes a game of snakes and ladders, which can’t be won. When somebody falls off this tightrope, they have to work backwards for a couple of weeks. They lose a lot of progress. They feel disheartened, and then it goes into a downward spiral. Next that individual climbs back up the ladder and gets back on the tightrope, only to repeat the same pattern again.

You see, this is a wrong way to go about it, because that tightrope analogy is so clearcut for the dieting industry.


Rather than walking that tightrope, let’s actually establish routines, let’s establish exit strategies and let’s establish education, surrounding lifestyle factors and let’s start to drive that forward.


Most diets, most strategies surrounding dieting and nutrition should account for birthdays, anniversaries and social occasions with friends, plus it shouldn’t really hinder progress. It may indeed have an effect if the individual is weighing every day but as that individual should know by this point (because of the support and education along the way) is that the weight gain is only temporary.

So they’ve enjoyed themselves. They’re walking this tightrope which has turned into a 5 lane motorway. There’s so much room for manoeuvre that it doesn’t really matter if they gain a little bit of temporary weight. You’ve managed to enjoy yourself on your birthday or anniversary without detriment to the end goal.


As a result, you can lose a ton of body weight, a ton of body fat, and never really fall by the way side of the previously mentioned 5 lane motorway. It no longer becomes a game of snakes and ladders. It becomes just a case of just being consistent and trying not to crash on this proverbial motorway (easier with a support network in place) .

As mentioned statistically speaking, 95% of people who start a diet will regain all the weight back, but 66% will regain even more fat back than what they started with. Now those statistics are shocking. If you want to test and see if you’re in that 5% to succeed, then be my guest, but that’s not the way to go about it.


Me personally, I like to play my chances more towards a successful statistic.

So what can we do about this?


What we need to do is simply look back and look at things we’ve done in the past and things which have caused us to slip up, then look to address them.

We need to say, “Okay, these routines, which happen quite a lot, they’re getting in the way and they’re not really conducive to me achieving my end goal.”. Now we look at everything else and we say, “Okay, what’s the bigger picture, what doesn’t happen very often… anniversaries, birthdays, weddings etc.


Now you are aware you have an opportunity to change the outcome or create a contingency plan.

With these kinds of scenarios we need to stay ahead of the pack, always planning, always strategising and always thinking, how can I win, how can I succeed in this scenario?


In the worst case, the plan won’t work but you won’t be far off so if you sty adaptive you will manage to pull it out of the bag with ease.

For more in depth information on this and how to strategise getting into optimal health and body composition check out my free course on my social media accounts.

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