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Stoic Performance coaches are all ex military and with that mostly ex parachute regiment. The reason we mention this is because we have always set high standards throughout our military careers and continue to do so now at Stoic Performance. This is the place where great coaches can come to continue to progress their lives and careers in the health and fitness industry.

We base everything we do on the “Stoic System” this is a system containing three pillars. Mindset, nutrition and coaching. This system builds from the bottom up, we understand from our military careers that mental robustness, optimism and focus are key to achieving everything we want in our lives.

We have an infectious optimism coming from an environment of success and exceptional ability instilled by the military, that infectious optimism spreads like wildfire because know what we can be achieved when we work as a team of competent coaches. It’s not uncommon for our clients to experience success in other areas of their life outside of health and fitness, we put this down to that infectious optimism, focus, support and happiness.

Sam Cleaver is the director of Stoic Performance, he spent 7 years in the Parachute regiment after which he became a personal trainer. From the outset he states “all i knew was i could never be your run of the mill PT, i needed to be more, to be better”

There was a vision to create a team of like minded coaches, wanting to excel their careers and provide our clients with an exceptional level of coaching and service. This has been established and we will continue to grow until we have achieved our mission.

Our mission is to become the trusted, constantly excelling team across the south east of England, where you as a client know that you are in very capable hands and that everything regarding your health and fitness is taken care of.